Sunday, October 14, 2012

merpati putih

Seusia malam ku menantimu
Dihembus embun aku tersipu
Mungkinkah kau lupa temujanji kita
Kau gembira bersama teman-temanmu

Berlari-lari ku mencarimu
Selembut salju musim berlalu
Mengapa berubah sekelip mata
Hatiku gundah tiada terhingga

Kau umpama merpati putih
Patah sayapnya di udara
Kau umpama merpati putih
Patah sayapnya di udara

Merpati putih - OAG


nicenike said...

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The salary for the the Heat five role players change Gasol can be established, and Chris Bosh - [ray allen heat jersey] a change. Gasol recently, even put relentless court performance is not positive enough, if he left the Lakers may be beneficial to the team and their own, the key is to Gasol for the Lakers in exchange for what. Bosh, the Lakers tactical impact will not be much, but Bosh strong spirit of sacrifice, not repeatedly stressed the need to inside play. He can provide stability in the cast, opened for Dwight - Howard inside space. Defense Bosh nor Bijiasuoer much weaker, and still has a long contract period, can be used as one of the foundations of stable construction team.

Heat get Gasol, can reduce the tax burden on the most important, because of Bosh's contract longest until 2016, while Gasol only this season and next season, to avoid the risk of long-term pay heavy taxes. LeBron - James and Dwyane - Wade [dwyane wade jersey] play, Gasol may Bibo Shi is more suitable. But the problem is that the Heat do not have sufficient determination to break up the Big Three, even if there is a serious problem of rebounds, the Heat is still the highest in the eastern part of the record to prove that the team now has the ability to impact the initiative to change champion, always win the Heat less willing to take this risk.

zuR'aiN HaDiEy said...


fadhlan mulyananda said...

izin share ya :)

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